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Application Development

Our application development services cover web,mobile and cloud apps delivery to eneterprices and SMBs. We are well equiped to build custom application from scatch or top of leading tech platforms and perform necessary integration, configuration, testing and employee on boarding to ensure the apps operate as intended.

Software Development

Combining tech expertide and industry-specific knowledge accumlated over the years in the industry, we can develops custom software for small-medium-large--sized business and enterprises. Our offering includes full-cycle software development services,meeting. Our customers diverse business needs and technological objctives.

Digital Development

A skillful digital transformation can do marvels for your business. We will hand-pick custom digital transformation solutions in line with your goals and expectations to improve your business processes and the overall effectiveness of your company.

E-Commerce Development

Our ecommerce development services specializes in building integrated ecommerce infrastructures optimized for providing effortless customer experience. We set up front-office and back-office automation to manage their ecommerce solutions.

Application Development

Application Migration

We offer to move your application to a new cloud or on-premise environment and complete the necessary pre- and post-migration modifications to ensure proper functioning.

Application Moderation

We can bring your legacy application up to speed by revamping its architecture, making it more lightweight through containerization, adding new features, or redesigning its UX/UI.

Application Testing

We perform an all-round quality assurance of your application or focus on its specific aspects by providing standalone testing services.

Application Maintenance

Our maintenance team will proactivly monitor your application and timely address its needs and shortages through fixing bugs, updates, and feature set modifications.

Software Development

Custom Application Development

Itransition builds custom solutions from scatch, ensuring their seamless integration with existing environments and systems.

Application Redesign

With profound knowledge of tech platforms and components, we create software with an optimal set of out of the box and custom features.

Platform-Based Product Customization

We redesign outdated systems, refactor their code, migrate legacy newer platforms, and review their architectures to give them a new lease life.

Digital Transformation

Smart Automation

We consult on and implement intellegent software for businesses looking to upgrade their digital ecosystems wtih more powerful and scalable solutions designed to fit their particular processes.

Marketing & Sales Automation

We help streamline marketing and sales activities by automating customer segemnting and profiling lead nuturing, loyality management, and more so that you can predict and influence demand, upsell and cross-well effectively, as well as maximize conversions via personalization.

Health Care Solution

We know how to create solutions for healthcare service. Our solution accompany patients and make their lives more comfortable and stree-free.

Home & Work Place Automation

We can help you automate
your home and workplace the
way you want it.

E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Portals

We build online platforms as hubs for your operations. This allows for efficient management of goods and services as well as transparent information flows between supply chain parties.

Onlne Stores

We create responsive online stores with neat platforms-agonostic design, integrating back-office automation tools, marketing and customer support options.

Supply Chain Management

Our team provides technological enablement for the entire product lifecycle, from manufacturer to store. We develop solutions that streamline warehousing, stock management, shipment, delivery, and returns.

Orders & Delivers

Our solutions streamline order management and allow customers to place orders and make returns using channels of their choice, tracking their order status in real time. We integrate automated order processing, which brings together your back-office staff and fulfillment contrators.

Our Development Framework


We access your
requirments and define
the tech stack.


We create the
projects roadmap
and plan sprints.

UI/UX Design

Our designers
create look and feel.


We develop the
source the code


We check for
bugs and defects
through all-round QA.


We launch the
transfer ownership.


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